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Toronto, ON
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January 8, 2020

Opticca Consulting delivers revolutionary platforms that enable our clients to outperform their competition. We help our clients speed up application development and deliver value faster than ever before by adopting architectures using DevOps, Containers and Microservices, as well as supporting Automation and CI/CD pipelines. Our extensive partner network helps us drive collaboration and leverage technology independence. We’ve built a team of passionate technologists who truly care about achieving quality outcomes, building lasting relationships, and delivering on what we promise – every client is a reference.
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Position: Cloud DevOps Engineer

The role of the Cloud DevOps Engineer is to implement and manage cloud solutions, systems and services to ensure high levels of availability and security. The Cloud DevOps Engineer is responsible for managing the tools that support CD/CI and automation of infrastructure. In this role, you will work collaboratively with clients to deploy and operate their systems. Help automate and streamline their operations and processes. Build automation tools for continuous deployment, monitoring and operations on services. Be responsible for development, test, pre-production and production environments. Ability to size, architect and implement Compute, Storage, Data, Security, and Network cloud solution offerings in GCP, Azure, and AWS. Hands-On experience with containers and container orchestration is required as well.

Job Description


  • Participate in system design and planning sessions for the development and maintenance of production cloud services.
  • Coordinate with other DevOps team members to ensure projects and activities are completed on time and with minimal impact to the business.
  • Coordinate with the Service Desk to ensure front line support needs for production services are communicated and operationalized.
  • Perform automated tests for performance and functionality. Be able to work on automating QA processes.
  • Participate in platform improvements and enhancements as it relates to production infrastructure and ensure all activities are logged in the Jira Service Desk management tool.
  • Perform monitoring activities to ensure all systems and services are meeting service level agreements.
  • Practice asset management procedures to ensure all cloud infrastructure is inventoried accurately.
  • Review and recommend upgrade, maintenance and patching activities for production systems and services.
  • Conduct research on emerging technologies, products and services.
  • Maintain documentation of DevOps SOPs and cloud services.
  • View and reconcile issues from multiple dimensions including: technical, business, short-term and long-term.


  • Experience with GCP, Azure, and AWS services as that support Compute, Network, Storage, Data and Security. Native cloud Load Balancers, Serverless, Gateway, Database, VPC (all foundational elements such as ACLs, Security Groups, Route Tables, Internet & Virtual Private Gateways, etc.).
  • Extensive Experience in a Linux and MS Windows operating systems, configuration, installation, tuning, maintenance and monitoring.
  • Extensive knowledge of web server technologies as Apache, Nginx, Proxy Varnish, Redis.
  • Experience with scripting (Python, Perl, Bash, PowerShell).
  • Extensive experience with automation systems: Ansible, Terraforms, CloudFormation, Puppet, Cloud management tools.
  • Good understanding of cloud services as PagerDuty, Cloudflare, SnowFlake, Pingdom, NewRelic, Sumologic or Splunk.
  • Knowledge of current and emerging cloud and IaaS security trends. IaaS security and architecture concepts, including network segmentation, perimeter security, event monitoring; remediation methods to bring cloud infrastructures into compliance for security compliance; the risks that exist when measures are not taken to provide for contingency planning and business continuity.
  • Proficient in security systems, pentests, VPN and SSO technologies.
  • Good understanding of source code management and version control systems like Git, CVS, and integration to automation systems.
  • Proficient and strong written and spoken English/French, communication and presentation skills.
  • Time management skills, ability to meet deadlines.
  • Ability to function in a fast-paced, flexible environment.
  • Post-Secondary Education in Computer Engineering or a related field.

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