Does DevOps Matter?

Sure does! Better for business, better for people, delivers value, and is a more humane way of working.

DevOps is a mindset of investment of improving your speed and becoming way more effective at creating & delivering quality software. Simply put, DevOps improves your software development processes by eliminating these issues: cutting waste, breaking down silos, and automating everything possible.

DevOps is about tying together CI\CD. DevOps makes your entire delivery process transparent, and everyone is empowered to contribute. Meaning, your new homogeneous team now handles the entire application lifecycle. From development to deployment and beyond, this team is accountable and responsible for each step.

You want any engineer to be able to contribute to the pipeline, and you want any engineer to be able to jump on low hanging fruit and get a change out and then get back the data to see how effective their change was at meeting their goals.

DevOps enables you to move faster than ever before. And when done right, it can transform your company and products.

In this short video, we offer a high-level account of what you can expect from DevOps.


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August 16, 2019

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