Code remediation

Automated Code Remediation

Our platform provides you unparalleled, automated code remediation at scale by performing source-to-source transformations for framework migrations, fixing security vulnerabilities, and addressing code quality issues.

We provide code quality updates by filtering through scanning tools, maintaining compliance and consistency with team and framework best practices.

We offer automated CVE remediation, identifying and fixing vulnerabilities across the codebase for a quick resolution.

We automate the move from one software and framework version to another (including all cascading dependencies) across repositories to keep up with the constant version churn in third-party repositories.

application modernization

Modernizing your Monolithic Applications

Our AI platform refactors, re-architects, or rewrites your complex monolithic applications into microservices to restore engineering velocity and increase application scalability.

infrastructure modernization

Modernizing Infrastructure to Run Smarter

The right infrastructure makes all the difference when it comes to competitive advantage.

A modernized infrastructure is automated and will streamline operations and optimize resources.

It not only automates what you’ve done in the past but also uses automation to achieve new levels of effectiveness and efficiency that were unattainable before.

A modernized infrastructure supports “everything as a service” to help address skill shortages and budget requirements, lowering TCO and improving ROI.

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why opticca

We help you Reinvent.

Opticca is a modernization consulting company leveraging AI and Automation to deliver higher-quality output with fewer people and lower costs.

Our evaluation process delivers the highest quality actionable results using your data, infrastructure and objectives. In just days or a few short weeks, you can validate how a larger-scale project might work in practice and illustrate the value of our AI-driven approach to your digital transformation journey.

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