Bring AI and Automation into your digital transformation projects and accelerate better business outcomes.

Embrace Digital Transformation by incorporating AI and Automation into your application modernization projects. This innovative approach increases speed to completion and maximizes cost savings. Traditional methods are time-consuming and costly, require skilled specialists, and carry high failure rates.

Our application modernization professional services incorporate AI and Automation, improving cost efficiency and facilitating cloud cost optimization. AI and Automation tools equip your team to modernize faster and more efficiently, earning you a competitive edge in today's digital landscape.

Why Opticca

Our Value Prop.

Solving complex problems

Our professional services leverage AI and Automation in a monolith to microservices modernization, streamlining the process and delivering faster results.

AI-driven solutions identify patterns, dead code, dependencies and exclusivities, while Automation tools quickly refactor and automate repetitive tasks.

AI and Automation platforms reduce the risk of human error and save time and resources, making them a cost-effective solution.

Better outcomes with less

Modernizing large, complex, monolithic systems is hard, but AI and Automation solutions make the process more efficient and effective.

These automation solutions promote faster project delivery and drive increased cost savings and improved cost efficiency.

Tasks are performed quickly, accurately, and with fewer human resources, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective modernization.

Reducing risk

AI and Automation solutions handle tasks at a pace and scale that humans can't match, boosting output, reducing time, and virtually eliminating human error.

These smart technologies improve operational efficiency by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Modernization projects that inject AI and Automation have a 90% success rate vs manually executed projects that fail 80% of the time.

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Opticca is a modernization consulting company that leverages AI and Automation to deliver higher quality output, with less people, and lower costs.

Our evaluation process enables the highest quality actionable results using your data, infrastructure and objectives. In just days or a few short weeks, you can validate how a larger-scale project might work in practice and illustrate the value of our AI-driven approach to your digital transformation journey.