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A cloud-based remote work-from-anywhere solution that you can connect to from any device, get a like-local Windows experience, near instantaneous login, and native M365 performance.

Enable Remote Work Faster

Now is the ideal time to deliver an environment that works with your employeesʼ new normal and allows them to work anywhere at any time.

WVD is a unique solution because it provides a better user experience at a lower overall cost than other desktop virtualization solutions. And with WVD you can leverage your existing Microsoft 365 subscriptions to cover licensing costs and pay only for Azure infrastructure.

It’s the best of traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, at the cost of a Remote Desktop Solution.

Work where you like

WVD allows your users to log in securely from anywhere, including public computers and mobile phones.

Cloud on your terms

Fast and simple implementation, helping you to transition to Azure with confidence, at your own pace.

Securing your confidence

WVD ensures that all critical data is stored in the cloud, where Azure provides world-class global security.

Is Windows Virtual Desktop right for you?

You need to add users
quickly and easily

You need to scale
efficiently on demand

Your end-users need a seamless rich client
experience with Outlook, Search, Cortana, OneDrive,
and Skype

You need to manage different deployment types across different deployment planes

You need to bring
Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to your users

You need to support both persistent and non-persistent environments

You need integrated security and management (e.g. Microsoft 365, AAD)

You need to run Windows 7 legacy applications post upcoming Win 7 EOL

You're in a regulated industry and need to meet strict compliance requirements

Your virtual desktop
journey requires reuse
of existing investments
(e.g. Citrix)

You want to reduce management and deployment costs for Windows Server

You need to support both persistent and non-persistent environments

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Looks the same, feels the same, smells the same

WVD provides users with a full Windows 10 experience and is optimized for Office. Users get full functionality of their apps and enjoy features like file history in Office Apps and Outlook search. Just BYOD.

Boost your security and your ego

WVD comes with the security of Azure. You will be able to protect your business with features like multi-factor authentication and role-based access control.
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Go from challenged to superpowers

Easily define which applications and tools appear on each employee’s desktop by modifying user permissions and application access through a single management plane. You’ll also be able to quickly add new users so you can get new employees set up without delay.

Save, save, save. Just save.

WVD comes at a price you'll love. It's the only desktop virtualization technology that provides Windows 10 at multi-session cost, saving you money on Azure compute. You can also use your qualifying Microsoft 365 licenses to save money on Windows licenses.

Key features

Fast, scalable, easy to manage.
Anytime, anywhere access. Your users only need a browser to access their desktops and applications.
Super-simple scalability, whether you have ten users
or ten thousand. As you add employees, you just provision new desktops for them in Azure AD.
Your monthly invoice is for only what you use. You trade CapEx for OpEx and only pay for what you actually use. Why pay for what you’re not using?
Implementation takes minutes, not weeks or months.
Management is simple. You have full control. You get to decide which users get which applications.
You don’t need specialized skills.
Stepped-up security. Your desktop data never makes its way
to porous devices that can leak data everywhere. It stays
safely enshrined in Azure.
It’s location-independent. You can work from anywhere with an Internet connection.
Your users can use their own devices (BYOD). All of the real work is happening in Azure, which is safely isolated from the other software running on your user's device.
Azure handles the hard parts of the desktop equation. You focus on your user's outcomes rather than the underlying infrastructure.

Under the gun to go remote?

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Rethink the way you provide desktop services

Reduce costs

Unlike tradional VDIs, there's zero upfront CapEx, and because OpEx spend is aligned to your business usage, your ongoing costs are significantly reduced.

Deploy & scale in minutes

Since WVD runs on Azure, you can quickly provision and scale virtual desktops & applications faster than was previously possible.

Increase security

Your apps, desktops, and data are all kept centrally in Azure Cloud, and never brought into your user's device.

Enhance employee efficiency

Your users get the same look & feel every time they connect to a desktop or app, and with super-fast login times.

What's under the hood


The future is now!

Less stress
Organizations are working remotely due to the ongoing global threat
Employees at various companies quoted the ability to work from anywhere as their top perk
Beat the competition
Executives agree that the amount of time, money and resources spent on IT maintenance is affecting the overall competitiveness of their organizations

How we're making it
even easier

We take much of the complexity away, simplifying and automating the deployment process leveraging the power of Azure DevOps, and making the platform more accessible to all skill levels.

WVD-centric end-to-end solution :

Optimal for 100 users & above
*custom pricing available for <100

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Fixed bid offer
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Available funding & financing
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Delivered within 5 weeks

Phase 1

Discovery of your current environment
Prerequisite check and gap analysis report

Phase 2

Design of WVD environment for each region
Implementation of WVD environment
End-User Testing and Performance Benchmark
Fine Tuning/Automation (ARM Templates/Run Book)

Deliverables :

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Kick-off meeting
Review of your Azure environment and finalize project scope
Create Azure resources for WVD POC components
Link your Active Directory to Azure Active Directory with AD Connect
Create WVD user groups, service principal, and administrator
Establish a Windows Virtual Desktop Tenant in Azure
Build a personalized Tenant Group of loadbalanced session-host servers
Create an Azure Files share for secure roaming user profile storage
Integrate an FSLogix profile container for persistent desktops
Demonstrate diagnostics and monitoring activities

Tell us what you need

WVD makes sense for so many businesses. But change is a big deal, and we understand that you may have some questions before making a decision. Hit us up, we're here to answer any concerns you might have.

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