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If you want to accelerate away from your competitors then digital transformation (DT) is fundamental to your ability to change, to release innovations, to deliver automated & flexible operations, to use data to drive future growth.

Opticca speeds the pace of transformation by delivering DevOps processes that guide the creation of microservices, deployed on containers running in clouds.

We can help you:

Shape an environment to drive the transformational change that leads to business results
Build a technology estate that provides infrastructure on demand — quickly and reliably
Create an automated pipeline that supports continuous delivery of value — at speed and with quality
To respond faster to market changes, experiment rapidly and course-correct

Not your typical IT consultancy…

If there’s any constant in today’s IT and business, it’s change. Mergers, acquisitions, changing priorities, new applications, services and platforms create a huge amount of flux in IT infrastructure.

So many companies are saddled with an IT infrastructure that’s evolved organically over time. The realities of competing priorities, limited staffing & budgets often mean that systems and strategies remain in place far longer than originally intended. This often results in a significant burden of cost and complexity, and can compromise a business’s agility.
Opticca combines hard-to-find subject-matter development expertise AND tech talent with extensive experience in helping businesses to stay innovative in this rapidly changing market. Want to build your sustainable competitive advantage in the cloud? Bring us in.

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Make Cloud, DevOps, and emerging tech work for your business

We help you accelerate software delivery through Microservices, Containers, DevOps & Cloud (MCDC). We believe Microservices, Containers, DevOps & Cloud are the game changers. They make this technology shift possible by accelerating software delivery and easing the cross-stage transitions that occur throughout your software development life cycle (SDLC).
Promise to deliver

is built on delivering outstanding customer experience

As you’d expect, we stick to best practices and proven processes. You can also expect a realistic project delivery strategy, one that ensures transparency and is prepped for change. In the unlikely event there’s an issue, we’ll quickly put it right — on our time and at our cost.

That’s how we like to work. It’s one of the reasons why Opticca is a trusted partner for some of the world’s biggest brands, involved in many of the largest cloud, IoT and digital transformations. It’s also why we have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

With a diverse and extensive network there aren’t many areas we can’t assess for our clients' benefit

Transform your IT to transform your business
Financial Services
Medical & Health
We speak your language.
We’re certified, verified, specialized and highly experienced in Red Hat and Google Cloud solutions & services—just ask them.
We’re laser-focused on MCDC and your fastest path to innovation—it’s all we do.
We’re led by veteran engineers, specialists, and architects. Rest assured that you’re dealing with people who have deep, real-world experience.
We’re highly sought after because we’re one of few proven industry leaders that have the technical know-how and experience to help you address your IT business challenges.
We can guide you in your journey to win with IT.
Delivering outstanding guidance

Having an agile IT infrastructure is vital for survival and success.

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We work with all the clouds

We have the deep-rooted expertise and knowledge that's necessary to recognize the potential of the cloud, and how it can be used as a catalyst for your digital transformation.

We're multi-certified across all major public cloud platforms. Consider us a neutral party, so you know our advice is objective, impartial and purely based on your best interests.

By combining our expertise as a cloud integrator with our partners' advanced technologies and global infrastructure, we can facilitate efficient cloud adoption and migration.

Migrate to the Cloud

Get a clear roadmap to migration success, with frictionless and fast delivery, application modernization and essential upskilling.

Build Value

Whether you’re building digital services or managing data, our experts help you get more value from the cloud.

Reduce Risk & Cost

Cloud helps you control IT spend, protect data, ensure continuity and improve security.

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Case Studies

Some of the expertise we've contributed

Data Center to Cloud

Consulting and product expertise to move legacy portal to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to automate container management and orchestration.

The challenge
Still relying on a classic bare-metal servers infrastructure, with aging servers and facing huge delays to get new ones, the leadership team thought it was the right time to speed up their pace of innovation by moving their infrastructure to a Cloud platform.

The solution
The company decided to move its legacy portal to the cloud, taking the opportunity to rewrite the application to profit from modern, container-based architectures. The ADW was moved to GCP using GKE to automate container management & orchestration.

The results
Being on GCP has allowed the company to develop their customer-facing channel faster while focusing on automated deployment and immutable infrastructure.
“Opticca helped us gain a deeper understanding of the advantages of Google Cloud Platform so we could make better decisions about how our applications would perform and scale. They provided the facilitation, follow-up, and expert advice we needed to make our deployment a success.”
Woodbine Entertainment Group

DevOps Migration

Consulting and product expertise to implement and configure Jenkins, and migrate the Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
The challenge
Poor performance and throughput for transactions due to backlogged messages, coupled with a complex DevOps architecture and high network traffic.

The solution
Implement Jenkins and migrate current CI pipelines onto GCP-migrated workloads from other sources to GCP destination.

The results
A scalable DevOps framework with a consolidated architecture on GCP that runs the client's CI/CD pipelines. Reduced costs and better performance.
“Opticca assisted us in migrating CI/CD pipelines onto GCP that allowed for Freshbooks to scale our DevOps framework, mitigate costs, and add speed, agility, and flexibility to our delivery lifecycle.”
Dan Tudorovski
IT Director, Freshbooks

Migrating to GKE

Consulting and product expertise to migrate App Engine applications onto Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

The challenge
Facing technical and functional limitations due to current architecture based on app engine. Current architecture would not scale or support future workloads.

The solution
Implement a container-based architecture using GKE, with a DevOps (automation, CI/CD, security, network and monitoring) approach to application & services, to address scaling and current architectural limitations imposed by the app engine solution. Includes migrating existing app engine workloads.

The results
A robust, scalable, reliable architecture that can auto-scale to support expected throughput. An automated CI/CD pipeline framework to allow for
reliable deployments when needed. An Agile framework that allows for
collaboration and coordination between Dev, Ops, Sec & Admin.
“Opticca assisted Ritual in migrating our applications to GKE on GCP in order to address the increase in demand from the business. In doing so, Ritual is now in a better position to scale our solutions to meet the projected and actual growth we are experiencing.”
Jeff Zakrzewski
VP Platform Engineering, Ritual.co

Cloud Adoption

Consulting and product expertise to build out new cloud architecture on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), deploy services within Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and automate entire configuration management with Terraforms.
The challenge
To support growing demands, facilitate new customer adoption, and drive down operational costs, provide customer base with a Cloud solution that included dashboards and BigData analysis.

The solution
Build out new cloud architecture, configure user access & project specifics, configure Container, DevOps, BigData and Looker. Deploy services within GKE for scalability and robustness. Automate entire configuration management via Terraforms.

The results
A scalable solution offered via the Cloud. Available, robust and reliable, with containerized and automated configuration management.
“Opticca provided us with a modern cloud architecture whereby we can deliver value faster to our clients and drive operational efficiencies. With our containerized services running on the cloud, we can scale quickly to meet our customer demands.”
Chris Buchanan
Sr. Product Manager, Trilliant

“We take the pain out of the journey and tailor solutions that are directly linked to your business goals, whether it’s growth, innovation, or time & cost-savings.”

Ivan Cardona, Founder

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