Unify Management of Every Kubernetes Cluster Running Across Your Organization

In just a few years, Kubernetes has rapidly emerged as the de-facto open source standard for container orchestration. So many organizations are leveraging Kubernetes to streamline and orchestrate their container environment and reduce costs in a consistent manner across their on-premises environment as well as across clouds.

But Kubernetes is not easy to set up. There are plenty of tools and methods with their respective pros and cons.

Several vendors have created their own Kubernetes solution to make Kubernetes easy to consume, simplify day 2 operations, and deliver an enterprise-grade user experience. Rancher is one of those vendors.

Rancher (including rancher/rke) is a tool to deploy and manage Kubernetes Clusters. Rancher operates at a higher level and can leverage Kubernetes as an orchestrator. Simply put, Rancher can manage Kubernetes and provide more functions while leveraging the ones provided by Kubernetes itself. Whether you're creating your clusters with RKE, have an existing Kubernetes cluster, or are using a hosted Kubernetes cluster like GKE, EKS or AKS, Rancher can centrally manage all of these clusters. Specifically, it addresses user management and RBAC, security policy management, capacity management, delegated administration, cluster backup and recovery, logging and monitoring, etc.

In this video, we'll be talking about managing multiple clusters on Kubernetes, using existing Kubernetes clusters, uploading them to Rancher, and managing those clusters using Rancher.

Rancher is enterprise management for Kubernetes.
Every distro. Every cluster. Every cloud.
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May 8, 2019

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