The Cloud is Everywhere

Once upon a time the cloud was something that was only found in the sky. Now, that meaning has changed somewhat!

In short, whether it's a website or software, anything remotely technical seems to rely on Cloud Computing. The basis is that instead of having physical servers storing all of your data, it's all hosted on the Internet.

Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services like storage, servers, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence over the Internet or “Cloud” to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and scale economies

Simply, it's the provision of infrastructures, services that enable companies to build, deploy or use applications over the Cloud in a scalable, efficient and pay-as-you-go manner. Cloud Computing extends from IaaS to SaaS and everything in between, including AI, containers, serverless, databases, IoT, dedicated networking, analytics, business apps and much more.

The reasons are many to explain why Cloud Computing is the go-to destination for building and deploying modern applications, but there are several core features that underpin all of them:

  • On-demand computing
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Resource pooling
  • Scalability
  • Pay-per-use pricing
Cloud Computing is an online supermarket where you can rent or try stuff and only have to pay as much as you use it

Why is Cloud Computing so useful for applications? Here is the TL;DR version of the benefits of Cloud Computing:

  1. It lowers the cost of access to computing power
  2. It provides virtual access to many different computers and operating systems
  3. It makes it easier to build customer trust on established cloud systems
  4. It makes it faster for companies to develop applications
  5. It allows business to scale quickly and be ‘elastic’
  6. It allows small companies to compete in a bigger market than they would have otherwise
  7. The quick development allows quick pilots of solutions without long term capital cost commitments

Cloud Computing provides near-instant access to as many computing resources as you want, and when you need it.

In this short video, we offer a high-level overview of the advantages behind The Cloud.


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December 2, 2019

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