Application Modernization.

Automating and speeding application modernization.

Value Proposition

Remove Technical Debt and Grow Innovation

Change is Inevitable

Modernizing Legacy is Challenging

Application modernization projects are often slow, expensive, and risky, with a high rate of failure, budget and timeline overruns, and incomplete projects.

While lifting and shifting to the cloud is a good start, it does not fully leverage the benefits of cloud-native architectures, which offer greater scalability, elasticity, agility, and engineering velocity.

Aging monoliths result in:

  • Limited scalability & elasticity
  • Long release cycles, stalled innovation efforts
  • Lengthy ramp-up time for new developers
  • Compounding technical debt, growing costs
  • Downtime, risk and security vulnerabilities
  • Inability to take advantage of modern cloud services
Harnessing Microservices

AI-Driven Approach to Application Modernization

Our AI platform refactors, re-architects, or rewrites your complex monolithic applications into microservices to restore engineering velocity and increase application scalability.

Maximize Cloud ROI

Free Modernization Assessment

This AI-driven assessment accurately identifies and prioritizes which apps to modernize, constructs an actionable roadmap for refactoring, and builds a compelling business case for modernization.


Pick your target application
Attack your technical debt
Justify your business case
why opticca

We help you Reinvent.

Opticca is a modernization consulting company leveraging AI and Automation to deliver higher-quality output with fewer people and lower costs.

Our evaluation process delivers the highest quality actionable results using your data, infrastructure and objectives. In just days or a few short weeks, you can validate how a larger-scale project might work in practice and illustrate the value of our AI-driven approach to your digital transformation journey.

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