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Microsoft Solution Assessments

Personalized actionable assessments to support your journey in the cloud. Fully funded by Microsoft.


Tailored assessments that meet your needs.

Microsoft Solution Assessments reflect insights specific to your organization, infrastructure and requirements. You choose the best-fit assessment to align with your business priorities.

Want to plan a cloud migration?

Your successful business strategy requires an in-depth knowledge of opportunities to improve productivity, reduce costs, and optimize investments. Microsoft Solution Assessments uses cutting-edge tools to examine your current business landscape, analyze your data estate, and provide actionable, data-backed recommendations.

Want to increase security protocols?

Cybersecurity is top of mind for CTOs, CIOs, and business leaders in every industry. The threat of cyber attacks is ever-changing and requires proactive mitigation planning. The impacts of a cyber hack can destroy customer trust and have the potential for significant business revenue loss.

Want to validate internal business investments?

Your successful business strategy requires an in-depth knowledge of opportunities to improve productivity, reduce costs, and optimize investments. Microsoft Solution Assessments delivers a detailed analysis based on your real-time data so you can understand TCO and cost savings.



This portfolio of Microsoft Solution Assessments is designed to meet your organization "where it is" and coach and mentor your team through key decisions & processes while validating and de-risking your investment.

Each assessment will help determine actionable steps for digital transformations, cloud migrations and process improvement.

Azure Rapid Migration (Level 1)

Detailed view of your on-prem environment, how your tech may be undersized/oversized, and what your workloads would look like in Azure, including pricing.

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Azure Advanced Migration (Level 2)

Builds upon Azure Rapid Migration by delivering a comprehensive review of your IT estate, measuring cloud readiness, prioritizing workloads for migration to Azure, 6R Application analysis and cost consumption estimates.

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Application Modernization (Level 3)

Helps you identify and prioritize in-house developed applications and databases for cloud modernization. Fitting option if you're looking to move apps to the cloud and need to understand which apps to move first and how best to improve readiness to migrate & modernize.

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Cloud Security (CSAT)

Scans both on-prem and Azure endpoints. Comprehensive view of your security posture against the CIS Framework, with recommendations organized into an approach plan to help establish a process for cyber-risk reduction in the cloud. Scans various on-prem and cloud services to identify vulnerabilities and security challenges for immediate attention and remediation.​

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Azure Advisor

Uncovers whether or not you're running your Azure environments effectively and helps reduce costs.

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Comprehensive expertise of Microsoft Azure solutions.

Microsoft Solutions Partner designations elevate Opticca’s already extensive solutions and services portfolio, giving customers access to repeatable, scalable solutions that maximize their investments in Microsoft technology.


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