Automated Code Remediation.

Automating code cleanup and security vulnerability fixes.

Code remediation

Vulnerability Scanning is Not Enough

DevSecOps departments are deploying code scanning solutions for security vulnerabilities that are limited as they only scan code and require significant resources to remediate issues.

Companies need help prioritizing which vulnerabilities to address, as they manage many repositories that make up a complex software supply chain consisting of custom code and open-source components.

Many leave their systems exposed to security threats as they bump up against resource and budget constraints. These challenges impede a company's ability to address most identified vulnerabilities.

Security vulnerability remediation

Respond to new vulnerability disclosures in record time, fixing issues across your repositories simultaneously. And the best CVE is one you fix before it becomes an issue. Maintain high quality, secure code with continuous modernization.

Framework and dependency migration

Automate upgrading your frameworks and language versions across repositories (including all cascading dependencies) to keep up with the constant version churn of third-party code. No more months-long refactoring projects.

Codebase Visibility

Search thousands of repositories instantly and see all dependencies and metadata. Quickly produce SBOM documentation (e.g., CycloneDX BOM) and also take action with automated updates.

The 3 R's

Better Approach to Software Modernization

Code Refactoring

Continuously maintain software with standard recipes and robust portfolio searches

Automated Code Remediation

Repair software vulnerabilities across thousands of repositories simultaneously


Work in new ways to automate the mundane and empower developers to innovate

Code remediation

Use Cases


Security vulnerability remediation across a growing attack surface

Security Engineer

Eradicate Log4Shell exploit immediately across the codebase using in-depth search and auto-repair.


Software migration engineering across the codebase

Software Architect

Migrate from Java 11 to Java 17 in all relevant repositories and infrastructure simultaneously.


Improve code quality and standardization across an organization


Repair SAST-reported issues automatically (e.g., SonarQube, FindBugs, HP Fortify, Checkstyle).

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